Flat Rate - Car Locksmith Philadelphia

How frustrating it may be for you, when you have gone out and come back to your vehicle and find that you have lost your keys or had forgotten your keys inside your car? Do not fret if you are a resident of Philadelphia, as you can always rely on a reputable Car Locksmith in Philadelphia like ours to come to your rescue.

You can always rely on our Car Locksmith in Philadelphia technicians to help you get new keys and program them so that you are able to use the new keys. Whether you need new transponder keys, remote keys, electronic keys, Fobs or the standard keys, we have the required knowledge and tools for all. While programming these keys, we make sure that all the previous database is erased so that no other keys work on your vehicle and thus help you in having secured car.

Do you need replacement keys or a new spare car key?

Our well trained and trusted Car Locksmith in Philadelphia technicians are there to help with the same without you having lost your sleep over the fact if your key canot not be duplicated.

Do remember that with the increasingly complex car keys that are being manufactured for the car safety, it is no more just the simple case of just cutting the keys. The chips present in the keys have to be programmed so that your vehicle accepts the keys and respond to them. At the same time all previous database has to be erased so that your car does not respond to any other key.

Have you got locked out of your car?

In such a scenario, just call us and our Car Locksmith in Philadelphia technicians would pick the car lock with a skill that only proper training can give without any causing any damage to the lock of your car.

Have your car keys broken or damaged?

Some of the most frequent problems that we come across in this category are:

  • Broken, snapped or damaged car key: In such a scenario our expert Car Locksmith in Philadelphia technicians would cut a new key and insert the chip that they have removed from the damaged key.


  • Broken or damaged transponder chip: The damaged transponder chip would be replaced with a new chip and the key reprogrammed so that you key again starts working.


  • Car key has worn-out: Our trained technicians would be able to re-cut the worn-out key back to its original specifications and reinsert the transponder key so that the key starts working properly.


  • Car key has got jammed into the ignition: If your key has got stuck or is not turning inside the ignition barrel then call our trained Car Locksmith in Philadelphia technicians for help. Our technicians would be able to diagnose whether the problem lies with the key or with the ignition lock. Depending upon the problem, they would find the solution. If the key is jammed inside the ignition, then they would extract it out and if necessary cut a new key and reprogram it. If the problem is related to the ignition they would try and repair it and if not possible replace the ignition.


  • Car key has snapped off inside the ignition: In such a case, our expert Car Locksmith in Philadelphia technicians would extract the broken part of the key from the ignition without damaging the ignition and cut a new key for you.


  • Remote key or Fob is working: There is no other solution other than replacing such a key with a new remote key and program it so that your vehicle responds to it.

All our technicians have been chosen only after due diligence on our part and are properly insured, bonded and licensed.  We are available 24/7 as we understand that emergency strikes anytime.